1) Advanced Technologies Devastating Results
6) Stealth XLT Carbon Arrows
11) Super Club Carbon Arrows
16) Rest & Releases
2) Hunter+ XLT Carbon Arrows
7) Carbon Bolt XLT
12) Target Shaft Selection Chart
17) Quatro-Hexo
3) Hot Shaft XLT Carbon Arrows
8) Carbon Youth Arrows
13) Carbon Gel Ultra Stabilizer
18) Safety & Assembly
4) Fast Shaft XLT Carbon Arrows
9) Arrow Components Fletching
14) Carbon CS Doinker & Stabilizer
19) Hunting Shaft Selection Chart
5) Titan XLT Carbon Arrows
10) Ultra Fast Carbon Arrows
15) Carbon Quatro Stabilizer
20) Team RUSH
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For Hunter+ we took the proven XLT technology and made a strong but fast enough shaft for all hunting situations. There is no seam in the material, so Hunter+ XLT shafts perform flawlessly and with consistency. Grouping is guaranteed.


This new camo technology not only provides superb "fit and finish" but also excellent durability, reduces friction noise on the rest and does not add any weight to the shaft!


Hunter+ XLT will outperform many other shafts due to its incredible spine, precision, weight consistency and will keep on hitting hard and centered year after year!

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