The Inventor of
the Carbon Arrow

Pierre Pujos invented and developed the world's first all-carbon arrow in 1985. He created a revolution which forever changed the way archers look at arrow speed, durability and accuracy. Thanks to his invention archers and bowhunters around the world started to switch from the

old aluminum arrow design to the new carbon fiber construction. Under his direction carbon arrows took several world championship and olympic gold, silver and bronze medals.

1st Wrapped Carbon
Shaft for Hunting

In 1995, Pierre pushed the technology to new extremes by wrapping the carbon fibers to create a highly reinforced hunting shaft, which was stronger, lighter and stiffer than his first design. The result was the world's first wrapped carbon shaft developed for bowhunters under the Carbon Impact name.

Exclusive XLT

In 2002, Pujos introduced the new exclusive XLT technology. The XLT seamless design allows for a very high spine-to-weight ratio, giving excellent speed, outstanding durability and amazing consistency. All Carbon Impact XLT shafts are constructed using the unique seamless XLT process: It is what makes them not only straight, but strong, quiet and consistent.

The XLT technology allows for the design of a hunting shaft that delivers uniform spine not only from one arrow to the next, but also 360° all around the shaft.

XLT means consistency for each and all the shafts within a dozen. For the archers and the hunters Pujos developed new technologies that proved devastating in the field. Forget about the flyers! - those three or four inconsistent shafts that don't group with the rest of the dozen!

For the archers and the hunters, Pujos has been developing new technologies that prove devastating in the field.